About Our Firm

Being sued feels personal, even when it’s over a business matter. Whether your business is facing an unexpected lawsuit or considering bringing a legal claim long in the making, you want an efficient resolution that protects your rights, doesn’t cost more than it should, and avoids years of endless litigation.

Founded by a third-generation trial lawyer and focused exclusively on business litigation, Edwin Cook Law, LLC helps Atlanta business owners, officers, partners, shareholders and individuals efficiently and effectively resolve contractual disputes and other lawsuits that threaten their business.

Conflicts between partners, contract disputes, and payment issues are just a few of the areas in which business lawsuits can arise. Our firm is committed to resolving these and other complex legal issues for our clients. We understand how uncomfortable, stressful, and frustrating these situations can be, and we work hard to provide you the solutions you need while making you feel at ease with the process.

Our approach starts by carefully listening to your goals and learning what’s important to you. We quickly locate areas of common ground and work from there, defending your legal rights as we protect both your business and your resources. While negotiation is often an effective path to a solution, when litigation or a trial is necessary, we bring the skills, experience, and work ethic necessary to deliver the results you deserve.

Our firm is a little different than most. We’re a small firm that brings big-firm experience and top legal education and knowledge to achieve positive outcomes for clients. We also employ technology to create added efficiency and value for our clients. Most importantly, we place a high priority on honesty, empathy and personal connection – words not often associated with lawyers.

If you’re facing a legal issue that affects your business, please contact Edwin Cook Law.